“I beseech you that when I am no more, and those of you who will still be there, always remember this, the airline must never, never be allowed to be anything but the best. In doing so, we will not only ensure our own development, growth and progress but prosperity of our own people. In addition to serving our own interests, serving the airline, serving the country, we shall be true to the memory of those who have passed on in building up this airline.”

– J.R.D. Tata

About Us

The Indian Pilots’ Guild is a professional registered trade union consisting of Air India pilots across all fleets who man the domestic, long haul and ultra long-haul flights. With decades of technically sound collective experience, our endeavour is to promote flight safety and professionalism amongst our members. We represent over 350 pilots. The association holds one of the largest collective resource of commercial pilot qualification and experience in the country. 

In the early days IPG dealt with the airline on matters of common interests, mainly the “lifestyle” items of salary, working conditions, pension and seniority.We are now together in response to the changing aviation environment of the time and the need to enhance the industrial position of Air India pilots.

IPG Vision

IPG is committed towards empowering Pilots and their families with social justice, equality, solidarity and upholding the dignity of labor. Acting as a collective voice IPG seeks to promote the benefits of representation to the pilot community by ensuring a safe work environment, flight safety and higher productivity with increased profits for the organization. IPG is a strong, forceful advocate of the airline piloting profession, through all forms of media, and with the public at large; and continues to be the guardian of rights and privileges of the member pilots of the Guild.

Meet Our Team Members

  • Capt. Amol Gautam


  • Capt. Rustom Vajifdar

    Vice President

  • Capt. Sunil Kanojiya

    Vice President

  • Capt. Vijayanand Bagve

    General Secretary

  • Capt. Madhu S. K. Narain

    Joint Secretary

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